Construction Inspection and Progress

Owners, project managers and construction professionals have significant responsibilities when it comes to building efficiently and safely. Periodic over flights or photographic tours can record information from a different perspective adding to your knowledge and ability to manage the “job”.

Monitoring the progress and keeping everyone safe, all while delivering their project on-time and under budget, is an essential aspect of the job.Keeping investors and others apprised of progress is easy with a video. An aerial video is even better. Visually and  remotely seeing site problems and issues becomes easy and can be shared via a Zoom or other meeting connection keeping everyone safe in a Pandemic

A few of the benefits of aerial photography and videography usage in construction (in addition to inspections) are:
– Boost sales
–  MAPPING measurements with fewer boots on the ground
– Improved Safety
– Better information for environmental permitting and regulation
– Improving team communication

-Increased insurance information

-Better operational support