You do not have to FLY into Ready To Fly!
You can easily reach us with the following:

Karen Goldsmith (MARKETING & SALES)
954-232-3264 | [email protected]

Derrick Supan (PRESIDENT)
561-305-7174 | [email protected]

For administrative inquiries, contact:
561-445-0025 | [email protected]

Derrick Supan, President

Derrick has three loves, Jaclyn, Tori and creating visual images.  Derrick was formerly in design for manufacturing companies.  He is now realizing a passion that fulfills his creative eye, uses his mechanical intuition, and combines this as a drone photographer and videographer.  Derrick has used numerous software packages to design mechanical equipment and has transferred that sense of design, space and software into the world of aerial photography, videography, and editing.

Derrick is a creative eye behind a camera, mechanically inclined and facile with joysticks.

Jaclyn Stein-Supan, Director of Administration and Accounting

Jaclyn works side by side with her husband, Derrick, at Ready To Fly. She is responsible for all of Ready To Fly’s customer service, billing, administration and other services.

Jaclyn graduated from the University of Florida in 2007 and received a Bachelor of  Science in Nursing from Florida Atlantic University in 2010.  She worked as a Registered Nurse at Boca Raton Regional Hospital until she gave birth to her daughter, Victoria Rose, in March 2017.

Karen Goldsmith, Director of Sales and Marketing

Karen was formerly a paralegal, but after many years as a stay at home mom and wife, has now found her true calling as director of sales and marketing for Ready To Fly.  She has boundless energy and an out-going personality that serves her well in getting to word out on the beauty and utility of Ready To Fly’s aerial photography and videography.

Marc Goldsmith, PE, Director of Engineering

Marc, in addition to being a Professional Engineer, is an FAA Part 107 Licensed Remote Pilot in Charge for Autonomous Aerial Vehicles (Drones).

Marc has a long business career starting several successful companies in the energy area.  As a nuclear engineer and management consultant, he has helped to safely fly drones into numerous services from inspections of mechanical equipment to buildings in need of better visual inspections.  Marc knows the roles that inspections play in the reliability and efficiency of power and gas utilities.  As a trained nuclear engineer he see safety in very rigorous light.

Marc has the strategic eye that compliments Derrick’s creative eye.

Marc does for RTF, whatever needs to get done. He does this efficiently, brilliantly, and perfectly.