Real Estate & Sales Support

Simple and possibly stale pictures of the homes, clubs and surrounding area you are listing are not enough. With our state of the art drones and cameras and our creative pilots, we can highlight all of the features of the home and it’s surroundings. Tennis courts? Fitness center? Playground? Golf course? Or beaches, intercostal views? From our drone’s unique vantage, we capture it all! We can show ways in and out of the neighborhood as well as the homes proximity to amenities or privacy from neighbors that will increase a buyer’s interest.

Ready To Fly’s aerial drone photography, video and interior video walkthroughs are giving real estate companies a distinct advantage over their competitors.

Property & Roof Inspections

Save a life, stay off the ladder. Most roofs are amenable to a fly over drone inspection. High definition photos can show the problems and the solutions. Your customers can have photographic records without you risking life and limb.

Drones can provide visual evidence of window issues, curtain wall problems and other exterior features. No need for scaffolding or hanging over the edge.

Think about the value of before and after from above that demonstrates a job well done. Happy customers are a major source of referrals. Ones with proof of why they are happy are even better. Leverage your inspections with aerial photographs!!

Commercial Real Estate Sales

You don’t have to walk the roof or climb the ladder to get a good visual of the commercial property for your client. Is the access to your facility easy? Let our drone fly-over tell you. If it is a high bay, show its’ advantages with a fly in. Is parking an issue? Show it from the air. Need to improve lighting find out with a flyover? Enhance the selling package with a video or aerial photo for the big picture. Is access an issue? Fly the route and see the obstacles. Make it easier for the buyer to do business with you.

What information does your prospective tenant or buyer need and want? Your customers are more likely to purchase or lease a property armed with a better “picture” of the building, industrial park or shopping center. Questions about other tenants, parking, lighting, and access are handily answered with aerial photography.

Cell & Utility Towers

As the inspection frequency has increased and may again in the future, isn’t it nice to have a better way to find problems before they occur. Our Matrice 210 can carry two cameras even higher than a lineman can climb. We can provide as much of a visual high definition and an infrared or thermal camera detection of hot spots with a lot less risk. While we can’t always eliminate the climb: we can make it safer. We can warn of dangerous insects, protected species nests and can eliminate some climbing tasks. One guy with a drone in an hour might replace three linemen and half-day with equivalent visual quality and a photographic record.

Drones can help inspect structures, see Rights-of Way, measure, record, report and provide a variety of different information only limited by the tools (sensors) and imagination.