DJI M210 Drone

The M210 has the ability to mount multiple payload configurations- one single downward facing gimbal, dual downward-facing gimbals, or on upward-facing gimbal. The M210 add additional connectivity and power ports to support third party sensors and accessories.

DJI Mavic Pro2

The Mavic Pro2 is used for most of our small to medium size projects. The Mavic Pro2 can capture video in 4K at 60FPS. It shoots raw photos which leaves room for the editing process.

DJI Osmo mini

The DJI Oslo Mini is mostly used to capture B-roll. This camera is compact, yet it has many great features. It even captures video in 4K at 60 FPS.

DJI Spark Drone

The SPARK is our mini drone with intelligent flight control options, a mechanical gimbal and a camera with incredible image quality. Our Back up drone if everything else fails.


The M200 drone is the first DJI drone with the DJI AirSense system, enhancing airspace safety. The DJI AirSense system includes a built-in ADS-B receiver which provides the operator with real-time information about nearby manned aircraft equipped with ADS-B transmitters.

On Ground Camera Gear

Canon L-Series Lens
16-35 mm
24-70 mm